Indstillinger og information om cookies

Læs om, hvordan vi bruger og behandler cookies på

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your PC, phone or tablet when you surf on the Internet.

Cookies have many applications, but they are basically used to store information about user behaviour on the Net or to ensure that a site or a solution functions technically as it should. Cookies are stored on the user’s computer. A cookie is not dangerous as it is a passive file that cannot spread computer virus or other harmful programmes. It helps to analyse, among other things, how the website is used in order to enable web editors to improve the user experience. In several cases, cookies can be necessary to supply a service.

Cookies are sent back and forth between your browser and a web server. They can tell e.g.:

  • if you are logged in
  • which municipality you want to see information from
  • how you navigate on the website.

You can always refuse cookies on this homepage also after having consented to cookies in the first place. You do so by pressing the button “Reject cookies” in the box “Cancel cookie consent” at the top of this page. The cookies of this homepage will then be deleted from the computer you use.

Please notice that the function to cancel your cookie consent will not be visible as long as you have not accepted cookies.

Technically necessary cookies
ProviderNamePurposeExpiration time
festuge.herlev.dkGoBasic_CookieAcceptanceStateRemembers your cookie consent.1 year
festuge.herlev.dkgb_resolutionDetermines screen size to compress picturesSession
festuge.herlev.dkGoBasicAffinityHelps in mapping a client to a content server for the duration of a client sessionSession
festuge.herlev.dkCookieConsentRemembers cookie settings including a time stamp1 year